St. James Organizations

St. James Vestry

The Vestry meets monthly with the Rector to administer the fiscal and spiritual concerns of the parish. The Vestry is composed of nine active members of the parish, two of whom serve as Senior and Junior Wardens. Each Vestry person serves for a three year term, and three members are elected each year at the Annual Parish Meeting. This provides for continuity and freshness in the administration of the parish.

2017 Vestry Members

Term Ends January 2018
Nathan Webster
Phyllis Harbor - Senior Warden
Travis Alexander - Junior Warden

Term Ends January 2019
Kristin Callender
Steve Laitinen
Patty Norman

Term Ends January 2020
Meghan Carlson
Jessica Cobb
Rick Jackman
Delegates to Diocesan Convention:
Kristin Callender, Mark Clark, Darrell Knapp
Susan Cowling, Phyllis Harbor, Rick Jackman

Loretta Ferguson, Jim Dugan, Libby Hill, Ryan Callender, Michael Thompson
St. James Church Vestry Commissions

Since 1998 the Vestry has been using a commission organization the purpose of which is to glorify God and build up the Church. Each commission is charged with certain tasks. These tasks are broad in scope intentionally allowing each commission to develop its own program. To view the ministry focus for each of the commissions listed below and the Vestry liaisons and Parish contacts, click here. The liaisons are expected to report to the Vestry on a monthly basis on their commission’s activities.

Altar Guild

A group of dedicated parishioners rotate the responsibilities involved in preparing the sanctuary for worship. Special preparations are needed for weddings, funerals, and baptisms. Floral decorations are added at Easter and Christmas to enhance the sanctuary for these important celebrations. 
Altar Guild Director: Sandy G.


Lay Ministries

St James offers many opportunities for lay membership to be a part of weekly services. Participating in our services as acolytes, readers, ushers, altar workers and Eucharistic Ministers, these dedicated volunteers range in age from 8 – 88 (or older if desired) and make the worship service truly inter-generational.

Pastoral Care

Under the guidance of our priest, this important ministry reaches out when help is needed, including transportation, visiting, and shopping. Meals are provided when there is an illness, accident, death in the family, or a new baby. Cards are also sent. Eucharistic visitors taking communion to shut-ins and hospital patients are also part of this ministry.

Chairman: Susan C. 


We have a skilled and enthusiastic adult choir, a youth choir for occasional Holy Day services, and a committed and caring organist/choir director. Our Skinner pipe organ, circa 1926 and one of only three in Northeast Ohio, recently underwent extensive repair and restoration. An enthusiastic parish group known as “The Pipers” successfully raised funds for this project.

Daughters of the King

On January 20, 1927 the Bishop Rogers Chapter of Daughters of the King was chartered. At that time DOK members served as the Altar Guild and were invited by the Rector to join. Eighty years later our chapter holds open meetings where all women of the parish are welcome to come. Daughters serve not only on Altar Guild but in the Choir, as Acolytes, Eucharistic Ministers, Lay Readers, on Organ Restoration, Vestry, Outreach, Pastoral Care, Fellowship, Christian Formation and always prayerfully support the members of St. James and DOK worldwide. Our vows to pray, serve and evangelize remain unchanged. We are a community of nurturing women accepting all people, bridging differences and cherishing traditions. It is a joyful calling for which we give thanks and praise to God our King.

Youth Group

Our youth group has a solid core of participants, and is eager to grow in faith and numbers. The youth group sponsors outreach and fund raising events and enjoys several fun fellowship activities throughout the year. We hope to gain enthusiastic pastoral support for the youth group members, and the adults who provide lay leadership to the group.
St. James Scholarship Committee provides modest college scholarships to graduating high school seniors. The scholarships are funded through an endowment in the St. James Foundation. The presentation of these scholarships is a celebration of our younger members’ academic achievements and contributions to our parish family, and represents our support of them as they enter college and adulthood.

Christian Formation

We are committed to working to bring our parishioners to a greater knowledge and love of our Lord through a dedicated program of Christian Formation. Reaching out to children, teens, and adults, our programs include traditional Sunday School classes, teen workshops, weekday and evening Bible studies, and special educational events. In addition, we have a special program called "Second Church", which is geared toward bringing Jesus' message of love to our youngest members during a portion of the 10:30 AM Sunday service.


Fellowship activities include hosting and welcoming newcomers at Coffee Hour each week, as well as facilitating parties, picnics, outings to a variety of local attractions, progressive dinners, an annual Chili Cook-off, holiday parties and a number of other seasonal celebrations.
The Women's Fellowship Guild encourages women of the parish to join together in fellowship and service to the Church. They deepen their bond as women through their many fund raising and service activities. The Men’s Fellowship group meets monthly for breakfast and fellowship, and also organizes numerous work-projects around the church.
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