Sunday School
Christian Formation for Children and Youth (AKA Sunday School)

When: Sundays
Time: 9:30 AM 
Place: Lower Level in the Education Wing

This year we are using an Episcopal, three year curriculum: Weaving God’s Promises. It is designed to cover three areas as described by Mary Ann Semple in the Fall Church Life:

· Holy Scripture: The stories of the Bible and the life of Jesus.

· The Church: Including the history, seasons, Book of Common Prayer, Episcopal traditions, and the Sacraments.

· Christian Living: Applying Christian principles to our lives to enrich our faith and grow in relationship with Christ by reaching out to others.

Sunday lessons include a sidebar of Episcopal connections with our traditions and history. More information is available at their website: Each month we will give a synopsis of what our young people have been studying on Sundays, we hope you will be inspired to walk this journey with them.


Alison Alexander and Stephanie Knapp will be leading our preschool and kindergartners.

Paula Knapp will lead our first through fifth grade children.

Travis Alexander and Mother Vanessa Clark will be instructing our middle through high school participants.

We look forward to walking with you once again to discover our faith and our Savior.
Love God. Love your neighbor. Change the world. ~ The Episcopal Church